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Hyncha is Passion

Join Hyncha and be part of the elite of most dedicated and passionate fans. Want to learn more? Watch this video!

A gamified experience

Play minigames, trivias, and more!

On Hyncha you can play all kinds of super entertaining minigames, trivias, challenges, you can cast predictions and rank up against other fans.


Cast your vote on

Decisions of your favorite team.

At Hyncha we partner with your favorite teams so that you can participate and cast your vote on different kinds of decisions, connecting you with your team in a completely new way.


Connect with your team.

The ultimate experience for sports fans.

Hyncha is the platform to supercharge your fan experience, providing a full fledge entertainment, competitive, and connecting environment that makes you feel like you're really a part of the team.

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Hyncha has a team of wide range experts from different fields ranging from tech to sports.

    Sales experience, user acquisition and product growth.

Alejandro Echeverria

Co-founder / CEO

    Electronic Engineer, computer science and software development.

Lorenzo Camejo

Co-founder / CTO

    Finance and market research. Former professional soccer player.

Carlos Echeverria

Co-founder / CFO

    Production engineer, business strategies and organizational leadership.

Carlos Heinze

Co-founder / COO

    Sports specialist. In charge of strategic alliances.

Ricardo Ramirez


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